Windsurfing Tips from the Sailworks Team

Here we'll share timeless tips for windsurfing and windfoiling. This windsurfing advice is sourced from our team riders and design team.

We regularly share new tips with our customers at our occasional free clinics held at the Sailworks loft, or through our newsletter, to which you can sign up here: 


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If you're in Hood River keep your ears open for a free clinic, we often post them a few weeks before on our Facebook page.

If you're looking for an in depth instructional book, we highly recommend the Tricktionary, a 450 page Windsurfing Bible which covers everything from first time windsurfing, rigging & tuning, speed sailing, all types of jibes and tacks, all the way up to stalled double forward loops.

It's available at our store in Hood River and online here: Tricktionary - Windsurfing Instructional Book

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