Tech Talk: Getting Comfortable Foiling Faster

Dale Cook:

"Stay low and stay level. Mid height on your mast is perfect because you have ride-height range either way. " 

"The best speed angle is bearing off just a bit, the same as windsurfing."

"Find  a good focal point far out ahead and focus on it."

"As you sheet in keep downward force on the mast track. The more you sheet in, and faster you go, the more downward force you will need to keep the foil low and level. You need to anticipate this rather than wait for it to happen and then react. Think of your stance as having your body both away from the sail, and forwards toward the nose."

"If you are foiling out and you can't sheet in to drive the nose down, try sliding your mast track forward a couple centimeters. "

"When you do get going fast, you need to stay on top of your gear and stay committed.  If you sheet out you will foil out, so don't sheet out unless you're ready to lean far forward. "

"A balanced stance, equally in both foot straps is really important."

Bruce Peterson:

"The only way to foil faster is to be comfortable and balanced.  Foiling is just like balancing sideways at the fulcrum of a teeter-totter .... while you're windsurfing. If your weight is too far forward, the teeter-totter goes down, and your board touches the water.  If your weight is too far back, the teeter-totter goes up and you will foil out. The most counter intuitive part of bringing your speed up and mastering foil control, especially if you have any muscle memory from regular windsurfing, is the need to lean forward and drive the foil down as your speed increases."

"Practice flying lower as you try foiling faster and are pushing your control limits, as its safer to touch down than foil out."

"Faster foiling requires a more forward stance to counter balance the increased lift from the foil at higher speeds.  If you find yourself foiling out as you go faster, then move your footstraps, especially your front straps, further forward to achieve a more balanced stance." 

"You can't avoid foiling out by sheeting out, as this leaves you standing on the tail of the board without any mast base pressure to help trim the foil down.  Instead, sheet in and drive the nose down with your front foot and mast base pressure from the rig."