Is your foiling package balanced?

The key to windfoiling is the correct balancing of all components; foil mast and wing sizes, wing angles, board, footstrap positions, mast track placement and rig balance. Our team of experienced windsurf foilers at Sailworks has not only balanced nearly every combination of foil, board and rig, but they are out testing and tuning different combinations daily. Our expertise is un-matched, and the products we sell are carefully selected and thoroughly tested to provide our customers with the ultimate foiling experience. Call or e-mail us for help creating your balanced foil package to enjoy a plug and play foiling experience; 1-877-639-7245 -


Get the most from your sail by rigging and tuning it correctly. We've got videos and rigging guides for every model.


Here you'll find everything you need to match your sail to our rig – ideal masts including lengths, stiffness, boom lengths – even their weight.


LOOK! Don't wait too long – there's only a few older closeouts left... and then POOF! Just like that last gust to get you home, they're gone!