Gorge Wind Cams

Below is an assembly of web cam links along the Columbia River Gorge to view real-time wind and weather conditions for your favorite windsports site in the Gorge. The cams are organized from west to east beginning with: Rooster Rock web cam; Skamania Lodge web cam; Stevenson Kite Cam; Stevenson Dock web cam; Stevenson Bob’s Beach web cam; Stevenson City web cam; HatchCam West - Viento web cam; HatchCam Hatchery web cam; KATU Hood River web cam; Wells Island web cam; Full Sail Event Site web cam; GorgeNet SandBar web cam; GorgeNet Event Site web cam; GorgeSpot Mosier web cam; Snowind Lyle web cam; WSDOT Dallesport Airport web cam; USFS Avery/Wishram web cam.   These webcams are provided by the companies and entities noted in each title link.  Thank them, support them, buy their stuff and appreciate the hosting service they do.

This link page is maintained by SAILWORKS as a courtesy to our wind loving friends.  If you know of a webcam we're missing or see a broken link please contact us at info@sailworks.com

RoosterCam - Rooster Rock

Rooster Rock

Skamania Lodge

Skamania Lodge

City of Stevenson - Kite

Stevenson Kite Cam

City of Stevenson - Dock


City of Stevenson - Bob's Beach

Stevenson Bob's Beach

City of Stevenson - Main

Stevenson City

HatchCam West - Viento


HatchCam Hatchery


KATU Gorge


Niknas - Wells Island

Wells Island

Full Sail Event Site

Event Site

GorgeNet Sandbar

Click the image below for a real time view:
WS Bluff

GorgeNet Event Site Live

Click the image below for a real time view (requires Silverlight plugin):
Event Site Live

Snowind Lyle


Club Shred

Club Shred

WSDOT Dallesport


USFS Avery/Wishram


Maryhill Winery

Maryhill Winery