Sail Production

In 1997, Sailworks established its own sail production sail loft in southern China to increase the cost control and quality of its sails.This area of China, within the Shenzhen special economic zone of Guangdong province, is one of the most prolific manufacturing areas in the world. The region attracts a workforce from across China due to the abundant jobs and high pay rates compared to other parts of the country.

The 12,000 sq. ft. sail loft employs 36 people using 15 industrial sewing machines, and operates exclusively for Sailworks. It is clean, well lit and ventilated, and a pleasant yet very productive place to work. Since most of the employees are visitors to this area of China, living accommodations and a canteen for meals are provided on site (a common practice at most factories in the region). Some of the best meals of truly authentic Chinese food can be had there!

The Chinese sailmakers are clever, highly skilled and industrious people. All of the sailmakers have been trained by Sailworks design staff and they are expert and caring sail artisans. Many of our present sailmaking crew have been with us since the formation of the sail factory.

There is a great sense of pride for the sails they make and they work as a team to ensure that an exceptional high quality standard is maintained.

The methods of a production loft are performed in essentially the same manner as the prototypes are made at Sailworks R+D’s custom loft in Hood River.

The increased volume of sail production changes the way some cutting and assembly operations are broken down, as this ensures that a steady, even work flow and continuity is maintained throughout the production line.

The sail factory operates as a small custom sail loft where every member of the sailmaking crew is empowered to approve or reject the quality of the sails.

The sailmaking teams maintains a rigorous on-going inspection and quality assurance program, from first cut to final bagging, to assure that the resulting sails delivered to our customers meet the design specifications with the highest quality of workmanship.

We’re proud of the effort that goes into each and every sail and trust that you will be pleased with the results.