Tech Talk: Mast Track Placement for Foiling

A lot of people don't take advantage of running their mast base in different positions. There is so much to be gained from knowing your starting point mast base position, and from knowing when, why and how to adjust it.

Our recommended starting point for your mast track position is 44 inches from the front fin bolt on a tuttle box to the center of your mast base.

From there you can adjust the base position for wind and water conditions, sail size and style, and your style of riding.

Moving the base forward keeps the foil down because it brings your balance further forwards. You'll have a harder time getting up on the foil, but it will be easier to keep it down and locked in once going.

Moving the base back allows the foil to lift quicker. You'll pump onto a plane faster and you'll get more glide from your wing.

Your base is too far forward if:
  1. You need to lean really far back to keep the foil level.
  2. Your board is dropping sharply as you enter a jibe.
  3. Your board feels like it wants to nose dive.
Your base is too far back if:
  1. You need to lean really far forward to keep the foil level.
  2. It's tough to trim the sail and keep downward pressure on the mast foot.
  3. You keep foiling out.
Move your base forward if:
  1. You're overpowered.
  2. Drag racing on a broad reach.
  3. You want a more back foot feel, similar to windsurfing.
Move your base back if:
  1. You're underpowered.
  2. You want easier jibing and easier maneuvering.
  3. Riding swell.