Patrick Bergeron

Name:  Patrick BergeronPatrick 1

Age: 46

Home beach: Anywhere there is wind, waves ...and friends!  Typically Hookipa, Kanaha, St-Jean I.O. and a few secret spots in-between...

Discipline: Waves, freestyle or just all-around good times, that‘s actually my favorite “discipline“!

Favorite Sailworks sail: The Revos has been my “go-to” source of fun for more than 15 years, but the new Gyros have really come together and can pack some amazing punches and sensations in the waveriding department!

What influenced you to start windsurfing?  Love of the outdoors, water and adrenaline ...Windsurfing offers the best all-inclusive package for this potent mix and has been so for 30 years!

Little about yourself: Originally from Québec City, would have been more destined to be a hockey player than a windsurfer. Spent 18 summers in The Gorge starting when I was 20 and lived 15 years on Maui.  Now dividing my time between Maui and Québec city.  Besides windsurfing, I am an architect by trade.

Favorite quotes: When there is a will, there is a way!

patsurf@hotmail ...for any Maui/windsurfing-related information or any wind-driven architecture project.

BIG props to Bruce, Jim, Dale, Tina and everyone at SW for helping me in the pursuit of my lifelong passion for all those years!  The Sailworks ohana ROCKS!!


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