MacRae Wylde

Name: MacRae WyldeMacRae profile

Age: 52

Home beach: Hood River Event Site. Los Barriles Baja California Sur

Discipline: Having fun. Race, Surf, Foil?

Favorite Sailworks sail: 7.0 NX, 5.6 Hucker, 4.5 Gyro

What influenced you to start windsurfing? My wife. When we met I thought I knew how to windsurf, but the shortest board I had been on was 12’. She took me to the gorge and put me on her rig and I promptly sunk up to my knees.

A little about you:I am two days into learning how to windsurf with afoil. I am once again going through the learning curve of the sport. Yet I just want to go again, the thrill of flying all over again. Windsurfing is addictive. I hope to get goodenough to actually try a race on a foil. 

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