Fiona Wylde

Name: Fiona Wyldefiona profile pic  

Age: 19

Home beach: Hood River Oregon/ Hookup

Discipline: Wave Riding, Slalom Racing

Favorite Sailworks sail:

3.9 Gyro!!!!! Absolutely love that sail! And of course the 6.2 NX :)

What influenced you to start windsurfing?

Growing up around my parents who windsurfed, it was a natural tradition for me to go from sitting on the beach waiting for them to come in, to joining them on the water! When we moved to Hood River when I was 9, I witnessed the Gorge Cup Race Series and wanted to be part of that. It looked like way too much fun to pass up. Growing up and sailing with my dad and Bruce, always wants me to push my slalom sailing and go faster, but when I first started going to Maui, I fell in love with riding waves. It’s an incredible rush, that is almost indescribable by words. Surfing with sail in your hand, controlling turns and doing airs is something special, and I’m lucky to have the right sail in my hand to do it.

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