Sail Year Identification

Sailworks Model Year Sailbag Color Identifiers    

Sailworks uses a unique color code identifier in the sail bag construction to identify each model year's production. 

Revolution sail bags are primarily yellow

Retro sail bags are primarily blue

Hucker sail bags are primarily black

NX sail bags are primarily red

Ripper sail bags are primarily light brown (2002-05) or grey (since 2006)

Gyro sail bags are primarily orange


1995    red strip white labeled end

1996    florescent yellow lengthwise strip

1997    black lengthwise strip

1998    silver lengthwise strip

1999    white lengthwise strip

2000    gray lengthwise strip

2001    black lengthwise strip

2002    dark blue lengthwise strip

2003    burgundy lengthwise strip

2004    white lengthwise strip

2005    maroon lengthwise strip

2006    silver lengthwise strip

2007    red lengthwise strip

2008    yellow lengthwise strip, with red drawstring end

2009    red piping at bag opening

2010    black piping at bag opening

2011    yellow piping at bag opening

2012    white piping at bag opening

2013    blue piping at bag opening

2014    orange piping at bag opening

2015    dark gray piping at bag opening

2016    wide black stripe at bag opening

2017    wide red stripe at bag opening

2018    wide navy stripe at bag opening