Adjustable Outhaul Kit- Double Side

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Adjustable Outhaul - Double Sided SystemMake on-the-fly adjustments to your outhaul setting to control your sail's power, range and stability.

Setup and Tuning Instructions

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Double side adjustable outhaul system. Simple to attached to the boom (no tools required) and easy to set up. Allows for powerful 4:1 purchase on either side without additional pulleys on the sail clew grommet. Heavy ribbed webbing gives textured feel for controlled micro adjustment. Spring loaded camlock buckle allows for precise controlled release. Each kit comes with two closed loops of Dyneema line containing the adjustment straps and purchase pulley, plus 300 cm of Dyneema line for the outhaul line. Note: the double side adjustable outhaul system requires two pulleys in the clew end of the boom.
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