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Video Gallery

Evening Session
2018 Retro
February Foiling
Fall Foiling
Dawn Patrol
After Work Foiling
Sailworks Flyer
Sailworks Flyby
Foiling Around The Gorge
Margarita on Ice
Texas Style
Gorge Retro
Gyros in Baja
Soltysiak Freesyle Compilation
Revo Revolver
Hucker Before Breakfast, Hucker For Lunch
WITU Jeri Spotguide, Episode 4 - Praia de Malhada
WITU Jericoacoara Spot Guide, Episode 3 - Downwind Freestyle
WITU Jericoacoara Spotguide, Episode 2 - Wave sailing at The Flag
WITU Jericoacoara Spotguide, Episode 1 - Lagoa Azul & Paraiso
Dale Cook bailing out of a monster lift at Doug's Beach
Skunked at The Wall in gusty NW wind? Ceililo is always ripping. DC puttin it up.
Dale Cook and the Hucker
Helmet cam from the old Lyle speed strip
Bruce and Dale doubling up on the Lyle speed strip
Antonio Blanco bombing around the Hatchery on his Hucker 3.7
Antonio Blanco POV riding at the Wall
Dale Cook shredding The Wall on the original Hucker 4.2 prototype
Hucker 4.8 speed run by Dale Cook at the flat water slot Hole In The Wall