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Aerial hydrofoiling is here and it's now plug'n'play for windsurfing. Recent developments in foil design and geometry now make any board with a Tuttle finbox a foil board. It's quite a remarkable sensation to be sailing above the water - think deep powder skiing for windsurfers - super quiet, floaty, exceptionally hydrodynamic efficient with much smaller sails that planing windsurfing requires. The windward and leeward sailing angles while foiling are insane, and rival what Formula boards can achieve. We're stoked to offer WindFoils from LP Composites and Foil & Co., and have them in stock right now at Sailworks. These are two of the best, state-of-the-art, exquisitely handcrafted, all-carbon foils - come check 'em out! You're going to see a lot more foil action coming as WindFoils are an amazing innovation to the greatest sport on earth!

 LP Wind Foils