Moses Vento F111 Wind Foil Advanced Race

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Moses Vento F111 Advanced Race Windfoil with W683 Race front wing and S483 stabilzer. Advanced racing performance, low drag and exceptional upwind ability combined with a stable and easy to control ride.


• Mast construction: solid high modulus pre-preg carbon
• Fuselage construction: deep anodized manganese aluminum alloy
• Wings construction: solid high modulus pre-preg carbon
• Front wing span: 683 mm
• Front wing area: 1005 cm²
• Fuselage length: 838 mm
• Stabilzer span: 483 cm
• Stabilizer area: 316 cm²
• Mast Height: 1110 mm
• Deep Tuttle Box
• Weight: 3.8 kg

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Is your foiling package balanced? The key to windfoiling is the correct balancing of all components; foil mast and wing sizes, wing angles, board, footstrap positions, mast track placement and rig balance. Our team of experienced windsurf foilers at Sailworks has not only balanced nearly every combination of foil, board and rig, but they are out testing and tuning different combinations daily. Our expertise is un-matched, and the products we sell are carefully selected and thoroughly tested to provide our customers with the ultimate foiling experience. Call or e-mail us for help creating your balanced foil package to enjoy a plug and play foiling experience; 1-877-639-7245 -

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Fin Length (cm) 111
Fin Base Deep Tuttle
Thread Type 6mm or 1/4"-20
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