With our legacy design team, it is no suprise that racing has become instinctual here at Sailworks. Everyday, world-class racers collaborate to create sails they are passionate about. Racing is at the forefront of that passion and the Sailworks team has intuitively designed a unique sail that seems to visualize the finish line all on its own. The NX race sail effortlessly glides with precision and speed. With aerodynamic features, it harmonizes with its surroundings for acute maneuverability and penetrating acceleration. The NX features a higher rig tension, a powerful locked-in draft section, and a free twisting leech profile. It is sleek and lightweight to allow you to incorporate your own distinct style and technique when crossing the finish line.

Challenge yourself to be a champion and let the NX do the rest!

What do others think of the NX?

"Smooth and powerful. This sail is easy to rig and super stable. I have been sailing these for a few years and have brought a few others over to them. Effortless and fast race sail." - Ian M.
"This is my go-to slalom sail. It's got incredible low end tractor power to get you on a plane, and then it seems like you can hold on to it forever with it's stability. All at top speed! " - Phil S.
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  1. 2018 NX 5.4 sail
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  2. 2018 NX 6.2 sail
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  4. 2018 NX 7.8 sail
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  6. 2018 NX 9.6 sail
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