Streamlined Dyneema SDM Boom Head

Streamlined's revised alloy boom head features Dyneema easy-adjusting line that replaces the straps. Not only is the new boom head strong, stiff and super-light, it's now quick and easy to rig.
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Streamlined's new Dyneema Boom Head design incorporates two no-stretch Dyneema lines to secure the head onto the mast. Each lever has a cast-in cleat so you simply put the line loop around the mast onto the other side of the head and pull one of the knots to cinch it up. Then cleat the line into the open lever and shut the lever. The Dyneema Boom Head attaches and adjusts to your mast quickly and tightly and is very easy to use. The Dyneema lines are simple to change when the time comes and one old downhaul line can even be used to make two new head lines.

Standard features of Streamlined alloy boom heads:

  • Light weight, super strong cast aluminum, machined and anodized frame. 
  • The Streamlined alloy heads start stiff and stay stiff, unlike heavy plastic parts that flex more and more and eventually crack. 
  • High-tech urethane bushings protect and cushion your carbon boom and mast. Inherent excellent design spreads the load on both the boom and mast and virtually eliminates breakage at their intersection. 
  • Easy installation to your boom with four screws and hex wrench (included). 
  • The Streamlined Dyneema Boom Heads weighs only 408 grams (14.4 oz). 
  • Streamlined's Dyneema boom heads can be adapted to HPL, Gulftech, Pryde, Chinook, and Maui Sails booms. 
  • Both the SDM and RDM heads can be fitted onto any boom that has a straight and round section at the head area that is10.5 centimeters or 4-1/8" wide. 
  • The Streamlined Dyneema Boom Head comes in two models with different color anodizing: blue for SDM (standard diameter mast) and red for RDM (reduced diameter mast).

SPECIFICATIONS: Reduced Diameter (SDM) Blue annodizing

#4000-0: For Streamlined, HPL, Gulftech Booms - Head Diameter 1.450 in / 37mm  (standard bushing set)

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