Shelley Gimbal

Name:  Shelley Gimbalshelley profile

Age:    50, again.

Home beach: Swell City, Columbia River, Oregon

Discipline: Swell-riding and, occasionally, racing when I’ve eaten enough spinach!

Favorite Sailworks sail:  2015 Revo!  These sails are back to the feeling of years-gone-by… powerful, huge range, yet controllable and controllable.  I love the new center-of-effort position. People comment often that I look so comfortable on my Revo’s even when it’s nukin’.  Thanks Sailworks! 

What influenced you to start windsurfing?  Several friends took a class, they showed me and I was hooked! I love the freedom, the fitness needed and being on the water on those 100 degree days.

A little about yourself: I’m a Park Ranger turned computer tech (yeah, I know, strange change of careers). I’m a year-round resident of The Gorge, where I enjoy the summer flood of tourist most when fall hits and I again have the big swell to myself. Wink!    From 1993 to 2013 raced slalom and formula locally and at western National Championship venues, often as the lone female competitor. I’m hoping to compete again in the future.

Favorite quotes:

"Ya Gotta Go to Know.."  

Sam Bauer’s Rules of Racing:

1-      Show up for every race.

2-      Stay on your board.

3-      Get a good start.

4-      Sail fast!

5-      Sail the correct course (I added this one after Sam didn’t at a Gorge Cup event. Wink!)

6-      Never Give up!

Other thoughts:

-Keep doing what you are doing Sailworks!!!:  Producing amazing gear, providing wonderful at-the-loft customer service and giving generously (time, money & prices) to local racing series and other events. Bravo!!!

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