Armband Race Watch

Armband Race Watch
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NEVER BE LATE TO THE START LINE AGAIN! We've taken a precision waterproof Seiko stopwatch timer, with a large easy to read display and mounted it on an adjustable neoprene arm band with a 30 degree display wedge. Designed to be worn above the bicep, so the countdown sequence is clearly visible, just inches from your line of sight. The stopwatch comes with preset with 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 minutes sequences, or you can enter your own time custom sequence in a simple, intuitive programing mode. It can be set to count or down in any sequence mode and has audible warning and start signals. In count down mode, the stopwatch automatically continues timing in a count up mode, so the duration of races can be timed. The race begins before the start with correct time-on-distance pacing.
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