LP Windfoil - 39inch Mast with Deep Tuttle head

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LP Windfoil - 39" Mast with Deep Tuttle head

LP's top of the line windfoil exquisitely hand crafted in the Columbia River Gorge with high modulus pre-preg carbon. Featuring the longer 99 cm mast with deep Tuttle head and Torsion Sleeve coupler to the fuselage. The front foil is 77 cm wide @ 940 cm², and the rear foil is 41 cm wide @ 270 cm².  Foil weight is 3.6 kg.

Advanced foilers will appreciate the upgrades the LP Race foil offers over the standard foil. The taller mast broadens the ride height range through chop and offers tighter jibe radius's. The stiffer Torsion Sleeve keeps the ride smooth and controllable at higher foiling speeds.

More user information is available in the LP WindFoil Users Guide (1.2 Mb PDF file)

LP WindFoils with standard Tuttle heads for shallower fin boxes are also available by special order.

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LP WindFoil - 39" Mast with Deep Tuttle head

LP WindFoils have a unique pre-canted shim system that controls the rear wing's angle of attack. The calibrated shims are easily adjusted and allow for fine tuning of the rear wing to suit your personal riding style. Larger shims trim the rear foil lower thereby increasing power and lift from the main (front) wing. Thinner shims trim the rear foil higher, reducing power from the front wing but increasing top speed potential.

True to the top notch engineering and craftsmanship, LP WindFoils are shipped with custom packaging to protect your WindFoil for transport in its disassembled state. Keep this box and packaging!

Is your foiling package balanced? The key to windfoiling is the correct balancing of all components; foil mast and wing sizes, wing angles, board, footstrap positions, mast track placement and rig balance. Our team of experienced windsurf foilers at Sailworks has not only balanced nearly every combination of foil, board and rig, but they are out testing and tuning different combinations daily. Our expertise is un-matched, and the products we sell are carefully selected and thoroughly tested to provide our customers with the ultimate foiling experience. Call or e-mail us for help creating your balanced foil package to enjoy a plug and play foiling experience; 1-877-639-7245 - orders@sailworks.com

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Fin Length (cm) 99
Fin Base Deep Tuttle
Thread Type 1/4-20
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