Marion Lepert is at the 2016 Rio Olympics competing in the Women's RSX Windsurfing for the USA. Sailworks first met Marion when she traveled to the Gorge in 2007. As an 11 year old, enthusiastic about windsurfing, she joined the Sailworks Junior Race Camp. For four summers, Marion returned to the Gorge to join the Sailworks racers for the race camp. Marion was a sponge - absorbing everything and anything there was to learn about racing, but the competitor in her was there from the beginning. With the support of her family and loyal father/coach, Arnaud, she progressed rapidly and mastered the skills and craft of racing windsurfers. What she lacked in stature, Marion made up for with lots of heart. We at Sailworks are thrilled to have been a part of the formative years in Marion's windsurfing career and we have enjoyed watching her grow. Good luck at the 2016 Olympics, Marion. Sail smart and stay dry! 

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