Fiona is Back!


Hood River, OR  18-Dec-2015

Sailworks is pleased to announce the return of hard-charging water woman Fiona Wylde to the Sailworks team. Fiona brings boundless energy, a broad depth of experience, and an amazing will to compete. Fiona will re-join Sailworks in product development and representative athlete capacities. 

Fiona Returns to Sailworks

“As friends, neighbors and initial sponsors, we watched and supported Fiona from her very first days windsurfing on the nose of her dad’s board” says Sailworks founder Bruce Peterson, “She totally goes for it. When she lacked experience or stature, she made up for it in spirit and drive. The woman just knows how to compete. Now she has established herself with well-earned placings in the upper ranks of both windsurfing and SUP. We love making sails for passionate windsurfers, and there’s none more so than Fiona. There’s a lot of harmony at play in this move and our loft crew and riders are fully supportive of this exciting new chapter for Sailworks and Fiona.”


Fiona adds, "Rejoining Team Sailworks means more to me than a sponsorship. Rejoining Sailworks is working again with trusted friends Bruce Peterson, Dale Cook, and Jim Mudry. These are the people behind the company that introduced me to the sport of windsurfing that has altered and given my life so many opportunities. Sailworks is more to me than just a sail sponsor; it's a group of people that share a crazy passion for a sport that I love so much. This is like a homecoming and I am happy to be returning, and to be welcomed home so warmly. It shows the true meaning of family. Thank you to Bruce, Amy, Dale, and Jim, for all your constant hard work, determination, and above all, positive nature that you've contributed to the windsurf community. Now, let's go have fun sailing!"


Sailworks is thrilled to have Fiona back with Sailworks where she can contribute to our sail development programs. Look for Fiona on the Gyro wave sails and NX race sails.

Welcome home Fiona.