Open BIC Mini

At the request of local yachtie, Julio Paredes, to get his 7 year old son, Diego on the water sooner, we took on a small diversification of skills and created a custom 3.3 m² sail for the Open BIC dingy.

The aspect ratio and shape/tension balance is similar to the stock sail, so sail trim and a helm pressure is proportionate. It rigs up on all the stock mast, boom and rigging components, and only requires the stock outhaul be lengthened.

The construction is all 4.0 mil x-ply with 2-side perimeter and corner patches. This is a custom made sail produced here in our Hood River sail loft. The price is $395, which includes sailbag and RBS battens. Custom color options are available. Inquire for more info and fabrication lead times.