Hucker Dawn

It was pretty fun to wake up early a few Sundays ago to a solid 30-35 right in Hood River. Morning wind in the Gorge is always cool, heavy air, that sits low along the river.

At my house 500 feet higher there was only the odd puff to rustle the trees. Without a view of the river and a smart phone its conceivable I may not have noticed the fury the was raging on the river.

The dawn patrol texts went out and Dale bolted to the Hatchery looking for swell. Turns out the wind was coming in true west instead of the usual WSW direction, so the Hatch was really gusty and not firing, while the Event Site down to the bridge was filled in solid and starting to spray.


Dale returned to the Event Site and the Hucker sesh was on with most of the Hucker quiver represented! Sam the Bull was working the 3.7, Andreas was holding down the 4.2, I had all I needed with a 4.8 and Dale was maching on the 5.6. All before breakfast.

There's something pretty special about the lighting on a good dawn patrol session. Adam Wojtkowiak was on hand to capture the action and we had custom boom arm GoPro mount on Dale's 5.6. The next day was a fine wet Hucker lunch at the Hatchery to fill out the action. Enjoy!