2017/18 Hucker 5.6 sail

Hucker 5.6 m² power jumping sail

Power and acceleration are at the core of windsurfing's attraction. The Hucker sail exploits this end of windsurfing's appeal. The Hucker is air surfing -- it's foil surfing the wind flow, with a board at your feet. The Hucker design criteria focuses on stability, power and control at speed, with a particular emphasis on extended hang-time when airborne.

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Our #2 best selling sail that has THE most passionate group of riders. Designed for high octane power sailing for bigger, and more aggressive riders who like to go fast, turn hard and jump high. Proven to be just as well suited for more modestly inclined riders to cruise around on the smallest sail they can get away with. Either way, the Hucker sails "ride big" and the 5.6 Hucker covers the same wind range as the 6.0 Retro does.
  • Luff Length: 451 cm
  • Boom Length: 184 cm
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Luff Length (cm) 451
Boom Length (cm) 184
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