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Sailworks has a windsurfing sail for every type of rider and every type of wind and water conditions.

  • Flyer - A purpose built 4-batten, twin cam sail optimized for windfoiling
  • NX - A full-on cambered racing sail for advanced riders with precision speed, power, control and more speed
  • Retro - A camless freeride sail that's quick to power up, easy to control and stable over a wide wind range
  • Revolution - An onshore wave riding and hi-wind/bump'n'jump sail with easy handling and a sweet power band
  • Gyro - A hardcore wave riding sail cut leaner and softer for radical board riding maneuvers
  • Hucker - A high-tension camless power riding sail for drag racing and aerials
  • Ripper - A kids and school sail for teaching new riders the feel and control of windsurfing

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  1. 2016 NX 9.6 sail

    2016 NX 9.6 sail

    Regular Price: $1,049.00

    Special Price: $703.00

    NX 9.6 m² cambered race sail

    The NX designs are our most sophisticated sails: they are cambered, they have higher rig tension, and they deliver premium power, efficient windward penetration, and slippery top speed -- all with precise feedback and rider control. They feature a deep, powerful draft section down low and reactive, free-twisting leech profile for wicked acceleration and tight top end speed control. It's about never being under powered and always being in control. It's precise, it's reliable, and it's really, really FAST.

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