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Sail Repairs

 The Sailworks loft
 Colson taping in a new window panel
 A new window for an old sail
 Close work at the triple step machine
 Sailcloth in every color for every application
 A small window panel replacement
 Taping in a panel replacement
 Taping a panel replacement
 Juki power!

February 2018 Update:  At this time Sailworks is only offering repairs to the Sailworks brand.

Sailworks has been making sails in Hood River, Oregon for 29 years. We have one of the best, most well equipped windsurfing sail lofts in the world, staffed with very experienced sailmakers. We are cutting and sewing everyday, all year long. Over the years, we've seen every conceivable damage and repair needed.

Send us your damaged Sailworks sail for expert repair that will be completed promptly, accurately – and at a fair price. Whether it’s just a simple re-stitch or a major panel replacement, our skilled sailmaking crew expertly performs professional repairs with matching materials to original specifications.

All sails returned to Sailworks for repair or warranty work must be clean and dry. We can’t work on dirty sails as the sand and grit messes up our tables and is hard on our sewing machines – please help keep the beach at the beach! We ask that you rinse your sail with fresh water and dry it completely before sending it to us for service – dirty sails will be charged for washing before any repair work is done.

The repair estimates listed below include all material costs, but do not include return shipping charges. We will gladly provide a firm repair quotation and return shipping charges once we receive your damaged sail and before any repair work is performed.

We strive to make strong lasting sail repairs and the workmanship and materials on all our sail repairs are guaranteed for one year. 

Shipping address for repairs:

USA 97031

TEL: (541) 386-6561

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Packing and Shipping Tips

Rinse your sail with fresh water and allow it to dry.

Roll it tightly and secure with a tie to keep it rolled tight.

Pack the sail in a cardboard box that closely fits the dimensions of the sail.

If you don't have a box, home improvement stores sell a 6" or 8" diameter heavy-duty tubular paper tubes used for forming concrete footings (Sona Tube, is one brand) which are perfect for shipping sails.

Ship your sail for repair to us via a ground delivery service. FedEx Ground is currently the cheapest domestic ground courier as they have the lowest oversize dimensional surcharges. Make sure your package is less than 108" long and does not exceed 130" in length and girth combined.

Please include your return shipping address and a daytime phone number where we can reach you.