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Quiktune Harness Lines

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Quiktune Harness Lines

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Quiktune lines are based around a simple V-jam line cleat. They are supplied with Marlow line and high durometer, durable urethane tubing sleeves. The unique V-jam cleat resists fouling by sand, grit and salt for a secure hold and quick adjustment. Long arms? Short arms? Waist harness? Seat harness? No problem! Quiktune lines are supplied in a generous 24" to 30" configuration, but can easily shorten by trimming the tubing and shifting the stopper knots to what ever min. & max. length you desire. All line components are user serviceable for long-term reliable performance. Get the advantage of smooth, easy to adjust harness lines for improved rig control on all points of sail. Set the lines up with the cleat on the rear attachment point, with the V-jam away from you. The adjustment technique to shorten the lines is to pull down and push way while holding the line tension to lock the line. To release or lengthen the lines, simply pull down and hold the line towards you.
  1. best lines you can buy Review by michael

    These lines are great. I like having adjustable lines, I wear a low hook and have a long torso. Other brands are seldom long enough. Even the ones that fit, were hard to adjust and weren't very durable. Without tools or special skills you can replace the lines if you need, and you can also install these lines without disassembling your boom. This is especially nice if you are demoing or renting gear. Great customer service too. I had lines cut extra long (thank you Doug) and had them shipped special by USPS to save a bit on shipping (thank you Tracy). Somebody swiped the lines from the mailroom, but Sailworks sent a replacement without hassle (thank you Bruce)!. I used the lines for a while, realized they couldn't be any better, and purchased a set for my other booms. (Posted on 9/4/14)

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