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2018 Revolution 3.2 sail

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Revolution 3.2 m² wave sail

The Revolution is our board rider's sail for onshore and bump'n'jump conditions. It features a smooth, limber power profile that is easily idled for aggressive board maneuvers and sail tricks. A silky fluid ride with a precise, forward pull and light neutral balance - power on loading and power off control, on demand. It's the perfect sail for pushing your repertoire of tricks, busting a down the line aerial or for just sweet high wind riding.

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The Revo 3.2 has been fined tuned by our team of ripping riders who chase the big wind conditions. This is serious control for when its seriously windy, but with a smooth, wide power band.
  • Luff Length: 357 cm
  • Boom Length: 131 cm

Revo spex

Note that the luff and boom lengths listed are intended only as a guide to rig assembly and sail trim. Depending on the rig components you choose and your boom height, these dimensions may not always correspond exactly to the settings that are best for you. We measure boom length from the front of the mast to the back of the clew. Maximum boom length is achieved at a very flat outhaul setting with the boom at the top of the boom opening. We measure luff length from the top of the headcap, around the front of the mast curve to a point perpendicular to the mast opposite the underside of the triple pulley. Refer to the rigging instructions for instruction upon interpreting visual references to proper sail tuning.
Luff Length (cm) 354
Boom Length (cm) 131

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